Saturday, March 15, 2008

What a fine mess Yogi

"It attacked the beehives again," stated Zoran Kiseloski.

That attack in Bitola, Macedonia came after the generator failed for Kiseloski and he filed a complaint with the courts there. He evidently was running lights and was playing Serbian turbo-folk music loudly in hopes of thwarting the attacks.

Kiseloski's generator ran out of power and the music stopped though and that is when he stated, his beehives were attacked again....... by a bear. Easy to add up really, beehives + honey + bear equals a loss of income for the beekeeper. what isn't so easy to understand is that the courts brought the bear up on the theft charges.

Zoran Kiseloski told the court how he attempted to prevent the bear from attacking his hives to steal the honey and how he had failed. More difficult to even understand is that the court found the un-named bear guilty of the honey thefts. They also determined that the bear had no owner and it is a protected species, so they ordered the state to pay 140,000 denars ( USD 3,545 ) for the damage to Kiseloski's hives.

It seems that the bear may also be unaware of his guilt, since it was excused from appearing in court and at last report, it's location is unknown. I do understand the need to have the funds to repair the hives but to bring an unknown bear into court to face the music for what comes naturally..... it's probably a good that Yogi and Boo Boo don't live there.

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