Wednesday, December 10, 2014

You have to take the children with you?

"We all knew he was going to snap eventually," stated Edwards's 17 year old daughter Jordyn.

Alan Dean Edwards, 46, rammed his 1997 Honda Accord into the back of a parked semi on December 8 2014 at about 1 am.  The high speed crash at the Whitaker Brake Check area off I-5 north of Castaic Lake CA killed him and his two children, Erick Edwards, 9 and 5 year old Alona Edwards.  Police spent the next day investigating how he could have accidently crashed into the legally parked semi truck.

The evidence reveals that Edwards meant to kill himself and his two children, most likely because his life seemed to be spinning out of control.  Edwards had been involved in a very bitter custody fight and divorce with his estranged wife and was on the losing side so far.  He picked his two children up on Friday December 5 after school in accordance with their agreement and headed to the family home.

His wife of eight years, Sherri Edwards, had sold the Lancaster home that day but had not told Edwards that she had.  He arrived there to find the home sold and virtually empty of the family belongings.  Sherri states that she was unable to reach Edwards by text afterwards and on Dec 7 she filed a complaint at the Lancaster Sheriff's station stating that he had kidnapped the children.

Police are certain that the accident is a murder-suicide based on the evidence that they have found.  Edwards left the family home unlocked and left his driver's license, his keys, Erick's asthma medicine and the Honda's air bag sensors inside.  The children, Erick in the front seat and Alona in the backseat, were not wearing seatbelts at the time of the crash.

Police do not believe that Edwards could have fallen asleep at the wheel  because he also was not wearing a seatbelt and he had to dodge several obstacles at the brake check to hit the rig.  Police added that they all died instantly in the high speed crash that sheared most of the roof off of the car.  Balbir Singh, 45, of Yuba City was asleep in his truck at the time of the crash and was not hurt.  Police stress that he was legally parked at the pull-off at the time of the crash.

Sherri stated that the children must have been asleep at the time of the crash and that they both usually rode in the back seat.  Her step daughter Jordyn stated that Edwards had lost custody of her earlier and that he had threatened to kill both her and her mother previously.  She added that several people had felt that her father would snap one day and it is believed that the pressure of being homeless, not having a job and losing custody of the children may have been enough to push him over the edge.

No funeral plans have been announced yet but there has been a fund set up on go fund me to help with the expenses for the children.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Stumbling away from justice.......

"You are going to ruin my life," stated Nora Longoria.

Justice Nora Longoria, 49, was stopped at 1 am on North 23rd Street in McAllen Texas for going 69 in a 55 mph zone on July 12 2014.  She admitted to the police that she had five beers in the past three hours before getting behind the wheel but she thought flashing her court badge would give her a "get out of jail free" card.

She had the misfortune it seems to have been pulled over by an honest cop and at that time, she started begging.  While slurring her words, she pleaded with the police to let her drive home the few miles she had left.  She added that she had worked very hard for 25 years to get to her position of 13th Court Justice of Appeals.

She failed the sobriety tests miserably and refused to submit to a blood test or breathalyzer test.  The police dash cam caught her struggling to walk a straight line and stumbling during the test so it looked like it would be a fairly easy case to prosecute.  She was charged with driving while intoxicated and released from jail on a $2,000 bond the same morning.

Her case was heard in court on November 20 2014 and it was promptly dismissed.  It seems that the only video that was shown in court was the one that had been made while she was in the police station and she was a bit more "sober" looking in that one.  The judge felt that there was not enough evidence to prove that she was intoxicated when she had been pulled over and he gave her that "get out of jail free" card afterall.

The McAllen police stated that they don't know why the dash cam video was not in the hands of the prosecutors when her case was heard.  Odd but stranger still was their ability to make it available for release to the public shortly after Longoria's case was dismissed.  Somehow her tape of a very lame imitation of dirty dancing must have gotten lost in the mail?  I guess that it is true.... having powerful friends can save your ass in a time of need.

Best qualified to beat the charges?

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Now an apology.....?

To blame him for the riots "goes way too far and is as wrong as the decision itself," stated Louis Head.

Louis Head, Michael Brown's stepfather, has evidently now sent an apology to CNN for the comments that he made on Nov 24 2014 outside of the Ferguson police department.  Oddly though, it seems that he has only apologized for the words he used directly after the grand jury announcement and only after a national debate has begun as to whether he should face charges for inciting the riots that night.

Head apologizes in a way but only for the words he spoke.  He does not apologize for the over 12 commercial businesses that went up in flames.  He does not apologize for the people who have lived their lives in the same community as him and they have now lost their businesses or their jobs because of the riots.  It seems that he did not become concerned until word got out that others want him and others who demanded that the cities and nation burn because of the legal system did not decide the way they believed it should have.

I believe he should be charged as well as all those that can be identified on film for looting and burning the city businesses.  Burning your neighbor's business to the ground does nothing to further the pursuit of the justice you claim to be seeking.  The court has decided that there was not enough cause to bring the case to a courtroom............. Michael was not gunned down like a dog in the street, kneeling with his hands up in the air.  Michael may have changed his mind as to what he chose as a path that day moments before the last bullet hit him but it was sadly, too late by then.

Head may have yelled what he did in the heat of the moment and I don't fault him for being upset but life is built on action and consequences and it may be time for him to face the consequences for what he yelled to the mobs to do.

Every child's life is valuable.......... let us see the protests on the streets for the children that day almost daily in drive-by shootings.