Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Now an apology.....?

To blame him for the riots "goes way too far and is as wrong as the decision itself," stated Louis Head.

Louis Head, Michael Brown's stepfather, has evidently now sent an apology to CNN for the comments that he made on Nov 24 2014 outside of the Ferguson police department.  Oddly though, it seems that he has only apologized for the words he used directly after the grand jury announcement and only after a national debate has begun as to whether he should face charges for inciting the riots that night.

Head apologizes in a way but only for the words he spoke.  He does not apologize for the over 12 commercial businesses that went up in flames.  He does not apologize for the people who have lived their lives in the same community as him and they have now lost their businesses or their jobs because of the riots.  It seems that he did not become concerned until word got out that others want him and others who demanded that the cities and nation burn because of the legal system did not decide the way they believed it should have.

I believe he should be charged as well as all those that can be identified on film for looting and burning the city businesses.  Burning your neighbor's business to the ground does nothing to further the pursuit of the justice you claim to be seeking.  The court has decided that there was not enough cause to bring the case to a courtroom............. Michael was not gunned down like a dog in the street, kneeling with his hands up in the air.  Michael may have changed his mind as to what he chose as a path that day moments before the last bullet hit him but it was sadly, too late by then.

Head may have yelled what he did in the heat of the moment and I don't fault him for being upset but life is built on action and consequences and it may be time for him to face the consequences for what he yelled to the mobs to do.

Every child's life is valuable.......... let us see the protests on the streets for the children that day almost daily in drive-by shootings.

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