Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Thank you Captain Obvious........

The police responded to a shooting at 396 Upton Dr, Saint Joseph MI at around 5 pm on Jan 1 2015.  They found Christina Bond, 55, who had been shot in the eye.  She was transported to the hospital and died the next day.

Bond had retired from the US Navy and had spent two tours as a Military Police officer while in the Navy.  There had never been any doubt with the police that her shooting involved anyone but herself.  The police have now released the preliminary findings of their investigation and have stated that it was an accidental shooting.

She had evidently been carrying her pistol in a bra holster and had been having difficulty adjusting it for her comfort.  While adjusting it, Bond was looking down at the weapon and it accidentally discharged and she was shot in the eye.  I am not sure why it would take that long to decide that it was an accidental shooting, nor why it would be such big news.  It sounds like an unfortunate accident but I would not think to carry a loaded pistol in my bra.  Come to think of it....... I don't even carry my cash or cellphone there either.

None of the brief articles that reported her death as accidental tried to tie her death to the bra holster or even to the fact that she was looking at the barrel of the loaded weapon when it discharged.  for this reason i am a bit confused as to why this is such a news worthy event to report.  The holster in question is known as a FlashBang holster and is designed for women to carry a weapon even if they are dressed for a nigh out.

I couldn't find any statistics as to how many people may have been injured or killed while using this particular model but remarks i did find, state that it would be very difficult to be looking at the barrel of the gun while discharging it.

Meanwhile, on Feb 6 2015, Judge Eric Brewton of Cobb County GA, dismissed the charge of driving while distracted that Alabama resident Madison Turner received in the middle of January.  Evidently a police officer followed Turner for about two miles before pulling him over on Canton Rd in Marietta GA.  The officer stated that he had not been driving erratically or dangerously but added several times that Turner couldn't just drive down the road eating his quarter pounder with cheese.

The law is vague as to what constitutes driving while distracted and local lawyers stated that it usually is only used in cases that involve an accident.  Turner was not driving down the road eating a whole pizza or something so large that he needed to use both hands to hold it..... it was a burger.

What is amazing is that it took almost a month before the court date and a decision that the state does not have the evidence necessary to prove it's case beyond a reasonable doubt.  That should have been obvious when the officer turned in the ticket...... eating a burger while driving was a distraction?  At that rate, officers should be hauling in drivers by the hundreds every week for being distracted while drinking coffee, talking to others in the car, checking out scenery or chatting on their phones.

I wonder what the fine would be for driving while eating fries?!/Obituary

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