Thursday, August 21, 2014

Did you think...........?

"There is no policy on what inmates can or can not wear for booking photos," stated Sean Maguire, the jail's compliance manager.

Robert "Bobby" Burt showed to serve a 48 hour sentence for drunk driving in Maine wearing what he must have thought was his lucky shirt.  He had his booking shot from his June arrest printed on an orange shirt along with the slogan "Sponsored by Bud Lite and the Somerset County Sheriff."  He also is reportedly using that picture for his Facebook profile picture but he has not been returning calls made by the media about his actions.  I suppose that he can show up for his next booking, if there is one, wearing a shirt with the new picture printed on it.

In other news.......... 18 year old Michael Johnson showed up for a meeting with his probation officer in New Mexico sporting his new ride.  The officer asked Johnson how he had gotten to the office which is about 11 miles from his home and Johnson replied that he had driven.  Not the family car though, I hope.  He had stolen an electric cart from the Walmart on the way and driven that to the office.

THe officer called the local Walmart and they stated that they had indeed lost on of their electric carts worth $1845 and guess what........ they wanted to press charges.  Johnson was arrested on the spot and charged with larceny and receiving stolen property.  He can now add that to his short list of criminal offenses and I am sure that he will have a lot to brag about during lunchtime at the jail.

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