Friday, August 15, 2014

Triple header.........

"Please drink responsibly and remember to have a designated driver take you home after consuming alcoholic beverages," stated Trooper Richard Stepien.

At 7:50 pm, a Vermont Fish and Game Warden located a single car roll-over accident on Cambridge Rd in Fletcher VT.  There was the possibility of injuries so the warden contacted the state police and that started the ball rolling for a triple header win or loss.  It definitely depends on which side of the handcuffs you are on in this case.

The day began with Joshua Woodward, 22, out enjoying some local fishing.  At some point early in the evening, Joshua rolled his vehicle over and officers determined that while he was not injured, his alcohol level was three times the legal limit after a roadside breath test.

Not too long after the police had arrived at the scene of the crash, Joshua's brother Nicholas, 19, drove to scene to check on his brother.  He exited the vehicle and their father Brian, 46, slid over on the seat and drove the car closer to Joshua's wrecked car.  The game warden noticed that Brian seemed to be impaired so he asked him to exit the vehicle near the crash.  Brian was administered a preliminary breath test and his alcohol level was found to be three times the legal limit.

Two of the Woodward family were now down for the count for DUI charges and while they were arresting Brian, they saw Nicholas drinking alcoholic beverages in plain sight.  Nicholas was given a roadside test as well and his showed that he was impaired.  I would bet that he had to be impaired since the legal drinking age is 21 and he chose to drink right in front of law enforcement.

Brian was charged with DUI and has a court date of Sept 2 for the charge.  Joshua was charged with his second DUI offense as well as being charged for driving with a suspended license.  He is due in court on Sept 2 and Nicholas has a court date of Aug 18 for his second DUI in just two weeks.  In just one evening, law enforcement managed to grab themselves a triple header of DUI arrests and they didn't even have to work hard chasing them down.

They did use this as an example of how easily a good day can turn very ugly, very fast.  It also shows others the ramifications of making poor choices to drink and drive.

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Modesto Culbertson said...

Had a similar thing happen to me. Had to learn the hard way as it went on my record. Now I struggle finding employment. Its not worth the risk, don't drink and drive. Take it from someone who has walked the path for you. Rather not drink at all but if you do, do it in the comfort of home.

Modesto Culbertson @ D & Z Law Group