Tuesday, August 12, 2014

What kids.....?

An officer found the two children with matted hair, rotted teeth and dirt crusted on their feet........

Petra and Lester Huffmire, both 42, pleaded guilty on August 5 2014 to child abuse, false imprisonment and contributing to the delinquency of a minor after they had been arrested and charged in June 2013.  A neighbor finally had contacted the police in regards to the condition of two female relatives who had been found living in their squalid trailer.  The 10 year old and 5 year old had been living with them for three years but had rarely been seen outside of the trailer.

The home was described as horrible with garbage thrown everywhere.  The kitchen appliances were covered in mold and cobwebs.  The toilet was broken and the house had feces on the floors throughout, as well as mold and garbage.  They were shocked when they found a pile of used condoms lying under a teddy bear.

The girls were filthy and their teeth were described as rotted beyond repair.  They also had never attended school in all of the time that they had been living with the Huffmire's.  The couple had not been so overworked that they had little time to care for the girls.  Quite the opposite........... neither of them was employed.

The couple spent most of their time playing "World of Warcraft" instead of doing anything remotely close to caring for the girls.  They claimed that they were addicted to playing the online game but I find that difficult to believe.  This couple is not a pair of twenty somethings who have grown up spending all their spare time playing video games.

There has been no report on what type of trauma the past three years are sure to have caused both the girls.  It is hard to wrap your head around what could have been done to a ten year old child to keep them from complaining about the living conditions in that house.

Lester was sentenced to five years in prison and his wife Petra was sentenced to three years and four months in jail.  I am not sure how two "addicts" are going to survive without their favorite online fix........ but who cares really?  They won't be living in garbage, they will have food and their teeth won't rot out.  That is better than what they gave the girls.




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