Friday, July 18, 2014

An apology..............?

"The world owes her an apology," stated attorney Cheney Mason.

Cheney Mason, attorney for Casey Anthony was not talking about her deceased daughter Caylee......... he was talking about Casey.You should remember her, the "poor" mother who "lost" her two year old daughter Caylee when a mysterious nanny "stole" her and she somehow didn't contact police about it for a month.  Wait..... it was her frantic mother, Caylee's grandmother, who called 911 to report the little girl missing in July 2008.  Cheney is out promoting his new book about the downtrodden Casey and how unfair everything has been for her.  His book follows a similar path to the book Casey's trail lawyer, Jose Baez, wrote soon after the trial ended.  Both attorneys are trying to convince the public that the system was out to get poor little innocent Casey.

A recap of Casey Anthony's tough few years...........

June 9 2008, Casey and Caylee move out of her parents house and in with her ex boyfriend and a friend.  Caylee is last seen by her grandparents on June 16th at their home.

June 20th, Casey is on videotape at the Fusion nightclub dancing, having fun and participating in a "hot bodies" contest.

June 30th, her car is towed after being left there for several days.  Her purse and Caylee's car seat are in the rear seat.  On July 2, Casey finds the time to get herself a tattoo.

July 15th, Casey's parents claim her car from the impound lot and are concerned about the condition of it as well as the smell.  Her mother tracks down the friend she is living with and gets Casey to meet with her.  Then it seems, Casey bothers to tell her mother that Caylee has been kidnapped some time ago by a babysitter named Zenaida Gonzales and her mom calls 911.

July 16th, police discover that Casey has been lying about where she lives, where she works and where the supposed babysitter lives.  She is arrested for making false statements, obstructing an investigation and child neglect.  A nationwide search is begun for little Caylee and her grandparents plead for her safe return and the arrest of the babysitter.

July 18th, Casey hires Jose Baez as her lawyer.

The weekend of August 11th, meter reader Roy Kronk reports a suspicious bag that may contain bones to the police but the officer that arrives is rude and only makes a brief search.

On August 29, Casey is arrested again, this time for writing four checks totaling $650 on her former friend and roommate's checking account.

December 11th, after the fourth tip from Roy Kronk, Caylee's skeletal remains were found only 1/4 mile from the Anthony home.

By January 2010, Casey pleads guilty to 13 bad check charges and does make restitution for them.

On May 11 2011, Casey goes on trial for the death of her daughter Caylee and on On July 5 2011, after only ten hours of deliberation, Casey is found not guilty of all the felony charges against and guilty of the four misdemeanor ones.

Casey was released from jail basically with time served and somehow expected everyone to be overjoyed for her victory.  Jose Baez came out with his book explaining the trial and Casey's innocence in July 2012.  His book supposedly revealed how the deck had been stacked against her and a run down of the evidence that was not allowed into the court room that would have shown her innocence even more clearly.

Innocence?  The jury gave her that verdict after whatever strange thought process they were using.......... just leave it at that Jose.  Now word comes out that her new lawyer friend, Cheney Mason is trying to sell his own version of how innocent Casey really is and how the world really does owe her an apology for ever believing that she was guilty of killing her daughter and tossing her body into the underbrush like garbage.  He even has tried to explain that the duct tape on Caylee's skull wasn't really as bad as the prosecution had contended.

Mason explains that poor Casey has had to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy because she is in debt to the tune of $790,000 to almost 80 creditors and she only has $1,000 in personal property.  The courts have just cleared the way for her to try and dump most of her debt.  Who does she owe most of this money to you may ask?

In her filing, Anthony lists her personal property as: $474 cash on hand, $200 jewelry, $200 laptop and furniture and $100 in clothing and accessories.  Some of those who she owes are listed as: IRS owed $68,540, her attorney Jose Baez owed $500,000, Orange County Sheriff's Office owed $145,660.21, Texas Equusearch Mounted Search and Recovery owed $75,000 and her parents are listed but not the amount owed to them.

So now we a;; owe Casey an apology and we should feel sorry for her because she has all these bills to pay?  Excuse me for saving my pity for a more deserving person but if you hired a lawyer to save your butt from a death penalty, you should be be mature enough to pay for the service that was rendered.  The IRS?  Well, most of us don't have them on our FB friends list but whatever you did to manage owing that much to them, could not be too good.  You owe like everyone else that owes them, so pay up or make a deal with them as is often done.  The team that offered to come out and search for your "kidnapped" daughter while you knew she was dead and stuffed in a garbage bag.......... of course they are going to charge you for the expenses they could have used to search for someone else's child that is actually missing.  It is simple...... pay up.  I am not sure what the sheriffs office is charging you for but my guess is that it is a bill for their expenses while running around searching for your "kidnapped" child.  I have the same answer....... pay up.

So far, Anthony will still have to face off with Ktonk and Gonzales, who are suing her for defamation.  She has continued to claim that Caylee was kidnapped by a still unidentified nanny named Zanaida Gonzales and Gonzales has been harassed because of that claim.  Anthony claims that the woman exists but the police have never shown her the right picture of the woman for her to identify.

Kronk is suing her because of the continual inferences before and during the trial that he may be Caylee's killer or in the very least....... he tampered with her body by placing it where it eventually was found.  So far, the judge has decided to let the cases move forward and if she loses, she has to pay them as well.

"She has to live constantly on guard.  She can't go out in public," stated Mason.

Mason has tried to paint a sad picture of the life Anthony now has.  He stated that she is living in an undisclosed location in Florida and because of public opinion of her, she is imprisoned in her own home.  She can't go out shopping in stores, go to the beauty parlor or even out to a restaurant or McDonald's for fear of what people may do to her.  He goes on to say that she works in the home as a housekeeper, clerk secretary and odd jobs like that.

He goes on to describe how Anthony does not have any contact with her parents other than a couple of phone calls with her mother.  His wife Shirley is close enough to Anthony to be considered a friend/mother to her and is there to offer advice or just listen.  She has stated that she hopes that Anthony's life will get better and someday, people will not be so hateful towards her.  She added that Anthony is trying to make her life work right now.  Mason has stated that he knows that she was telling the truth to him when she looked him in the eyes and said she was innocent.

I can't offer an apology for Anthony since I still believe she is guilty as charged.  No one has their child missing for a month and does nothing to involve their closest relatives or the police.  Who leaves their car abandoned in a parking lot with their purse and child seat in it for days?  Casey had been lying to dozens of people for at least a month when her daughter was missing.  Her friends had no idea that Caylee was not with her grandparents or that Casey was "desperately" looking for her.  They did know that she was enjoying herself, shopping and partying.

 She boldly led the police to Universal claiming that she was working there as an event planner until she ran out of hallway and admitted that she wasn't working there.  Universal stated that she had been fired in 2006.  Anthony lied to police about who her supervisor was there, gave an invalid phone number for her personal office there and even claimed that Gonzales has been a seasonal worker there.

She led police to three different addresses for the mysterious nanny Gonzales........ the first apartment had been vacant for at least four months.  The second address she claimed Gonzales had lived in two years before but that was a seniors only facility and the last address was where she claimed Gonzales's mother owned a condo.  The problem with that one was that no one there knew either of them to be residents there.  Anthony even looked the police in the eye and told them that she had no idea where Caylee was.

Mason states that we, the public, owe Anthony an apology and we should feel sorry for how she is living now.  I'm sorry that I can't bring myself to believe someone who so believably and easily lied to police.  I'm not sorry that you ran up so many bills that your meager income will take you years to pay....... you aren't the only one struggling to pay off bills.  I am not sorry that you are stuck in a home wishing this was Happyland where everyone forgets what happened 5 minutes ago.  I am sorry the Caylee's killer did not serve any real time for the crime.  I am sorry that the court is going to allow you to run out on legitimate bills that you created.

As for Mr Mason......... I won't be buying your book for the same reason I wouldn't buy Mr Baez's.  If I want to read a science fiction book, I will not be looking in the non-fiction section of the bookstore. I do not feel sorry for Casey Anthony and what her life has become.  Seriously......... did you think it would be different?  Maybe it would be if she moved to a remote location, far, far away from Florida and she learned to put her efforts into working a real job so she could pay off her bills.


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