Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Swiss cheese border?

"It is time for American citizens to make a stand and begin petitioning for tighter security at our borders in order to protect our citizens," stated Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler.

On Saturday, July 12 2014, Israel Andrade, 35, was arrested in Parker County TX and charged with burglary of a habitation with intent to commit another felony-indecency with a child by sexual contact.  The nine year old girl had been sleep on the family couch with her siblings when a stranger broke into their home.  She was awakened by the man and he was touching her inappropriately.  She stated that he spoke broken English with a heavy accent when he told her to follow him back to the bedroom he broken into,

The girl ran screaming for her parents instead of following him and he ran off in another direction.  When the parents attempted to call 911, they noticed that their cellphones and computer were missing.  The girl's mother drove to a local store to place the call to 911.  The police discovered a set of footprints outside of the house that led them to a home next door that had also reported a burglary the night before.

Police found the suspect Andrade in a home about a mile away and he had one of the cellphones, two pairs of the child's panties and a pair of sneakers that matched the footprints at the crime scene.  He had been staying at a relative's home for the past 30 days since he had crossed the border from Mexico........... for the fifth time.

Yes, Andrade has been caught and deported back to Mexico in July 2003, Feb 2004, Sept 2009 and again in Dec 2010.  While so many are concerned about how to humanely handle the young children who are flooding across the border in the past six months, we may be losing sight of how to protect the children who are US citizens.  When various people step up and state that we need to do something about the borders........ this is what they mean.  Andrade has made it a habit of crossing illegally into the US, has gotten caught and still keeps coming back.  Maybe this time he can be dealt with in a way that will protect citizens and prevent his a repeat of his crossings.  If he had just gotten to TX in the past month, I would like to know how he managed it since they are trying to tell us that the borders are secure.

Every day it seems that we are gifted with the "sad" stories of a mother and child crossing illegally and finally being reunited with her husband or family that has already come here illegally.  The reporters tell us how it has been a year or two since they have seen each other.  Wait a minute......... what about all of our men and women serving in the military who have not seen their spouse or children in a year or so?  I feel sorry for our citizens who are separated by the service.  I am not sorry for those who are now separated because they have chosen to enter the country illegally.

I also don't believe that they should receive a special permit so they can leave and re-enter the country.  That is just another bleeding heart attempt to circumvent the immigration status issues.  When an individual chooses to come here illegally, they chose to give up a lot of rights...... specifically, the right to come and go as you please.  If I choose to travel outside of the US, I have to have a passport as well as meet the requirements of whatever country I am going to visit.  If I went there illegally, I would expect to not have any of the rights my citizenship allows.

My hope is that Andrade and those like him are permanently prevented from entering the US, so that there are not any other girls like this poor girl in the future.



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