Friday, July 18, 2014

Catch and release......?

"I was released today because I am a low priority and not considered a threat.  I would argue that the 11 million undocumented immigrants in this country are not a threat either," stated Jose Antonio Vargas.

In May 2014, Heidi Monroy, 24, was caught after illegally crossing the US border with three of her children.  She was detained and then released with orders to report to immigration for a hearing.  Monroy, who is from Honduras,  moved to Metairie LA and did report to immigration as she had been directed to.  She was bludgeoned to death on July 13 2014.

Her killer was caught illegally crossing the US border in south TX on June 26 2014.  He had been traveling with his two children from Honduras and after he was detained, he was released because he had no gang affiliation or criminal record.  Pedro Alberto Monterroso Navas, 43, shared a 2 year old child that she had brought into the US with her.  Monterroso did not report in with immigration after he settled in Texas to live.
He went to Louisiana in July and killed his girlfriend Heidi by bashing her head in and left her the bathtub of her home.  At 3:35 am, Monroy's two children went to neighbor for help with their mother and that was when Heidi was found dying.  Monterroso had fled with his two children and the 2 year old ro Katy TX where he was arrested on Monday.

All of the children are physically ok and Monterroso is facing extradition to LA to face second degree murder charges.  Once again in less than a month.......... an illegal immigrant has shown that our screening process needs to be improved.  It is not known yet what reason Monterroso had for killing his girlfriend but immigration is now left with 5 children who are in the country illegally, one parent is dead and the other facing jail time and a possible deportation for murder.

I thought that our government is trying to sell us on the idea that all of these people are coming here for a better life and none of them are dangerous.  Not everyone coming across the border is looking for a great life of hard work and citizenship............... some are just coming across because they can.

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