Saturday, July 26, 2014

Dumb, dumber and dumbest..........

"Everybody wants to work the night shift now," stated Doc's general manager/vice president Lou Bangert.

At 3:06 am, July 29 2014, three men broke into Doc's Beach House in Bonita Springs FL.  Lou Bangert stated that there have been break-ins during the 27 years that the restaurant has been open but they usually amounted to someone breaking in a window to steal cash from the register.  He did not expect to see pictures of three men breaking into the kitchen area on his security cameras.

He first noticed that the man in frame was not wearing any clothes........ then noticed that there were three guys, naked and robbing the kitchen.  Later on Monday, pictures of the naked bandits were posted on the Facebook page for Bonita Jetski & Parasail and by Wednesday, the local police had released some of the pictures.  Bangert stated that the men never went into the restaurant to steal money but they did make quite a mess in the back.

The three stole 60 hamburgers, three pounds of bacon, three red bell peppers and a paddleboard.  Don't ask me what they needed the paddleboard for.  They can be seen on camera taking the food and spending about 5 minutes in the back, before heading outside.  Police say that it was a bit like following Hansel and Gretel......... they left a trail of food outside and into the parking lot, where the peppers were found.  Police surmise that the three may be staying at Barefoot Beach or parked the get-away vehicle in a nearby parking lot.

Two of the men are naked and the third was wearing underwear and they all look well built.  Bangert stated that his waitresses want the bandits to return and everyone seems to want to work the night shift now, just to catch a glimpse of them.  The security footage does show that they were aware of the cameras.  One is seen trying to change the direction of one camera but is not aware that they was a second camera still taking the pictures.  The two naked bandits do try to cover their faces and genitals when they spot the camera but it still is baffling as to why the three were naked for the robbery.  Were they concerned that they might be recognized from their clothing?

The theory is that they may have just been college aged kids who may have been drinking.  It is not known if they are tourists or locals but Bangert is fairly certain that they will be recognized and caught fairly soon.  Their choice of robbery outfits certainly was not the best choice.

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