Saturday, April 4, 2015

Amazon couldn't deliver?

The neighbors had complained of a foul stench coming from the home in San Jose de Belcare Argintina.  The arriving police found what they first thought was two bodies on the bed within the small home.  They soon realized that it was the body of Jose Alberto, 58 and a scarecrow.

The scarecrow had been dressed up as a woman with lipstick, a long wig and a six inch strap on penis.  The woman's clothing had been stitched together and stuffed with old clothing to fill her out and it looked as though there had been no signs of violence at the scene.

Alberto was known as a loner who lived by himself and had no cell phone that anyone knew of.  The police are awaiting the results of an autopsy but for now, they are working on the assumption that he died during sex with the homemade scarecrow.  Kudos to Alberto for the creativity but he may have better off with an actual woman in bed with him........ at least someone could have reported his death sooner.  I will bow out of mentioning any of the obvious "shepard jokes" as well.

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