Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Three strikes too many.........

"He took the life of Joshua, you know, he was just a baby," stated Joseph Rodriguez, the boy's stepfather.

Blaine T Boudreaux, 34, had his first encounter with the Houston TX police at 3:30 pm on April 26 2015 when he rear ended a car near the Texas Medical Center.  The police responded to the accident on the 6600 block of Fannin where Boudreaux had crashed his black Dodge Ram pickup into the back of another car.  The two occupants, a adult and a two year old were taken to the hospital with injuries and later released.  Boudreaux was issued a citation for failure to control speed and allowed to leave the accident scene and he did not appear to be drunk at that time.

At some point between 5:15 pm and 6:00 pm, he was driving along the 4400 block of the Texas 5 Spur and he ended up on the 1400 block of Lockwood and the East Freeway feeder road.  He apparently passed out at a red light there but awoke when another driver honked his horn. Boudreaux then accelerated  ran the red light and hit a Honda Civic at 6:10 pm.

Joshua Medrano, 6, was riding in the car with his mother Cynthia and both were taken to area hospitals.  Joshua was taken to the Texas Children's Hospital where he was pronounced dead even though he had been seatbelted in.  Cynthia was taken to Ben Taub General Hospital with broken bones and a collapsed lung and she is still there.

Boudreaux was suspected of being intoxicated at the scene and failed a field sobriety test at the scene.  He was taken into custody finally but on Monday the 27th another body was discovered.  Leonard Batiste, 61, was found dead alongside the 4400 block of the Texas 5 Spur along with the front bumper and license plate off of Boudreaux's truck.  The police report that it looks as though the truck left the roadway and hit Batiste, who is believed to be homeless, and then regained the roadway to travel on.

He has now been charged with intoxication manslaughter, failure to stop and render aid involving death and intoxicated assault.  In less than three hours, Boudreaux was involved in three accidents which caused injuries and the death of two people.  The police are still investigating the hit and run of Batiste and the first accident.  They would like to know for certain if Boudreaux had been intoxicated then as well or if he had begun his drinking after that accident.

One can only hope that he had not been intoxicated during the first accident and the police missed an opportunity to save two lives and prevent the pain and suffering of the families they have.

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