Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Bet that was a surprise......

Haley Fox, 24, met Samuel Campbell, 26 online in 2013 and the two began a relationship even though there was quite some distance between them.  Campbell finally agreed to move to Turner OR from his home in Alabama to be with "the love of his life."  He found out that on April 8 2015 that he should have just stayed in Alabama after he had arrived to meet Fox at her home on the 7000 block of Lipscomb St SE for the first time.

Rather than rushing out to enthusiastically greet the young man who had been her online boyfriend for so long, she led Campbell to a small metal table that was outside the house.  She poured him a glass of wine and told him to close his eyes.  Then it hit him..........not the happy thoughts of a life with his girlfriend.  It was three blows from a baseball bat Fox was swinging at the back of his head.

Another woman was present at the house when this was happening and Jennifer Beaumont, 26, ran up to Fox and Campbell while she was swinging.  After Fox had hit him three times, both women took him to the hospital while Campbell kept telling them that he would not tell anyone what had just happened.  Campbell suffered a fractured skull near his right eye and two gashes that required nine staples to close.

The police did arrest Fox who promptly told them that she knew that it only took seven pounds of force to break a human being's neck.  She also told them that she had played softball from fourth grade to eleventh grade so she knew how to properly hold a bat.  She evidently did just that while she was swinging two handed at Campbell's head in the yard.  The police are still investigating what part, if any Beaumont may have had in the attack.

Fox reportedly told police that the reason she had tried to bash Campbell's head in was that she no longer wanted to be his girlfriend.  I could think of much easier ways to break up, almost all of them do not involve waiting for someone to move across the US and trying to bash their head in when they get there.

Fox was arraigned on April 10 2015 and given $100,000 bond which she did post and has since been released.  Her next court date is April 20 2015 at 8:30 am.  The police did not report as to whether Campbell has packed up and returned home.  Either way, I am sure that he got the message that the "love of his life" was not interested in him anymore.

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