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Unlucky in love.......... not.

"The devil himself is a pot of gold compared to her," stated ex husband Shane Chessman.

In July 2011, inmate 277206 was enjoying the hospitality of the Alabama state penitentiary system and granted an interview to try and dispel some of the rumors about her.  The inmate known by almost thirty names including the "Military Mistress" was finally serving time for some of her crimes.  Bobbi Ann Finley, then 35, had married 14 men, had nine children and drained the bank accounts of dozens of other men besides her husbands.

Finley was serving a three year sentence after pleading guilty to theft by deception and she was wanted in several others states on similar charges.  Finley had been working hard for the past two decades but not at any company we would know.  She was busy meeting and marrying men, especially military men and then cleaning out their bank accounts.  Finley also did not always take the time to get divorced from the men she left in her wake when she ran either.  In the process of marrying these men, she also managed to have 9 children which she had adopted out to others, family members and various guardians.  Many times she did not even inform the men that they had become fathers and she did not allow them to even meet their children or have any say in who adopted them.

Finley has tried to blame her behavior on her childhood, as if she is the only person who can claim to have a "bad" childhood.  She stated in her interview that she grew up poor and sheltered so if anyone was going to offer her something, she wasn't going to turn them down.  She added that it was an abusive home where her mother jumped from boyfriend to boyfriend and she thinks that is why she has the same pattern with the men in her life.  When Finley was asked why she seemed to choose military men, she stated that they are heros and she wanted to be loved.

She went on to state that she ran away from home at age 13 and she is now doing time for taking advantage of some of the people she screwed over.  Finley has also stated that she may not be the greatest person on earth but she definitely was not running a con on the people she met.  What is true is that for almost two decades, Finley has crisscrossed the country and haunting military bases to prey on military men stationed there.

She has used numerous tales to gain the sympathy of men or at least grab their attention long enough to wiggle her way into their lives and bank accounts.  Finley has used several tales from being a the daughter of a wealthy four star general who stood to inherit $750,000 to being a fifteen year veteran of the military who had been wounded in Iraq.  She has also used the tale of being a divorced mother who was in the military and her ex husband had stolen her children from her.  She even had women she befriended believing her tales and would borrow money from them only to repay it with bad checks.

Many of the men that Finley married admit that she made them feel special and was a good cook, kept a clean house, was smart, charming and was all that you would want for a wife.  They often found out early on in their relationship that she was pregnant or claimed that she was already pregnant but it was from a rape and she wanted to keep the child.  The men all report though that it was very soon after marrying them that money disappeared from their bank accounts and when it went dry, Finley was gone as well.

The charges she faced in Alabama stem from an incident in 2009 when she befriended a woman she met at a bar.  Finley used the Iraq veteran story on her and added that she had saved a lot of money while she was overseas but was now stuck because she only had out of state checks.  She convinced the woman to lend her money and Finley wrote the woman four checks totaling $2,455 but neglected to tell her that the account had already been closed.  At some point, Finley wrote her another two checks but the woman did not even bother to try and deposit them.

Diane Boheler told a very similar story about meeting Finley in the Spanaway Bar and befriending her after hearing the wounded vet story.  She invited Finley to move in and stay with her for awhile and even loaned her some money.  After a couple of weeks though, Finley had disappeared along with about $3,000 from Boheler.  Finley's gravy train hit a serious roadblock in 2004 when she met Rodney Wegg in Texas and he like so many before him, fell for her charm and lies.

His impression of her changed radically after he returned from a weekend away and found she had drained his bank accounts.  Rodney's mother made it her personal mission to hunt down the truth about the woman who stole her son's heart and funds.  Katie Wegg spent six years tracking down ex husbands of Finley's and anyone else who had been taken advantage by her.  She contacted dozens of victims nationwide and found a trail of fraud, serial bigamy and multiple sentences.  Fortunately the wedding was cancelled but Katie believes that her son fathered a child with her and the grandson was adopted out without his knowledge or consent.

Katie stated that she contacted over 40 victims of Finley's money scams and not all of them were male.  Finley evidently is an equal opportunity thief as shown by the amount of money she stole from women as well.  Fay Neigut, a former teacher, took out loans for Finley in 2007 and ended up losing close to $20,000 when Finley disappeared on her before ever repaying it.  Katie also found evidence that Finley attempted to buy a house in San Antonio for $2.5 million and $200,000 worth of custom made furniture with money she did not even have.

There are at least four men including her son Rodney who believe they fathered some of the nine children Finely gave birth to.  The children who range in age from 4 years old to 16 years old are scattered across the US and living with Finley's family and friends.  The men have wanted to meet and get to know their children but so far have been unable to gain the information they need to do so.

Finley was reported to have returned to the Tacoma WA area in 2013 after finishing up her jail sentence in Alabama.  She has warrants for her arrest in several states and by now had been known to use many different names as well as being suspected of scamming at least 30 military men.  Jeff White hired her to work in his Tacoma bar and he stated that she had a bubbly personality which the military guys like.

He added that she was promiscuous and he never saw her with the same guy very often.  She told him that she was in the Marine Corps, had gotten shot there, was very wealthy and was going to inherit a lot more money.  White stated that she eventually ran up a $600 bar tab which she paid with a bad check and she once again disappeared.  She does not have any qualms about scamming anyone for money and some of the charges she has been running from include running out on a $240 bar tab in New Orleans LA and writing bad checks to a plumber and a cabbie in Alabama.

Finley, 39 and her new husband Zackerie House, 27 are now on the run from her last known address in Dallas OR.  The Marion County authorities have stated that the pair opened a checking account at Wells Fargo and then proceeded to write bad checks totalling $13,500 in less than a month.  They wrote checks to Cabela's, Bi-Mart and Safeway as well as a $1,500 check at Universal Auto Sales in Salem OR.  The couple is said to have made purchases for a lot of camping gear and groceries as well as the down payment on a blue Cadillac Escalade that is now listed as stolen.

The pair was stopped this past week in Mobile AL but instead of being taken into custody, the pair was released after a quick check found that they were not wanted locally for any crimes.  It was later on April 14th that the Sheriff's office received word that they had been stopped and released.  The police at the time did seize the stolen Escalade that reportedly the pair had been living in.

They are back on the now and at least three states are hoping that the next time they are in custody, they will be held for extradition.  House's mother has stated that she does not understand how he can be involved in this and wishes that he just turn himself in to face the music.  It certainly sounds as though Finley has no intentions of ever changing her ways but incarceration may soften her up as to releasing information about the many children she has had and where they are.

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