Thursday, May 7, 2015

Anything to get a buck.........

The public nationwide got to meet Dorian Johnson, 23, on August 9 2014 when he became the outspoken witness to his friend Michael Brown's shooting death.  Johnson seemed to enjoy his more that 15 minutes of fame before any member of the media who was interested in hearing his eye witness account of that day.  What Johnson "forgot" to mention in those early news stories was the part he played in a store robbery only minutes before Michael Brown lost his life and what he did while Brown was being gunned down.

It was later discovered that Johnson had a problem with telling the truth and he vanished from the public eye for a time.  The public had been led to believe that he was the "smoking gun" of witness's and he would blow the case of Brown's death wide open.  Instead, Johnson was not even a very credible witness for the grand jury even after he had been cleaned up and taught how to enunciate his big words.  He never did state in public what he had done during the last few minutes that Brown was alive........ did he run for cover or did he try to save Brown or was he even standing there with his hands up as he claimed Brown had been doing.

Johnson is back in the news though, first for the lawsuit he has recently filed and secondly for another arrest to add to his record.  His lawsuit has been filed against the former police chief Thomas Jackson and former officer Darren Wilson.  He is alleging that he has suffered emotional distress and psychological damage from the arrest and death of his friend Brown and he is seeking $25,000 in damages. He claims that Wilson targeted him without probable cause, assaulted him and violated his constitutional rights.  His lawsuit is also asking for an injunction to prevent the city of Ferguson and it's police from engaging in unlawful arrests, engaging in assault and using excessive force.

On May 6 2015, police were called to the 5700 block of Acme Ave in St Louis MO at 3:21 pm to investigate a call about a large group of subjects who were possibly armed with firearms.  The officers that had arrived tried to disperse the men there and that was when trouble began.  The police noticed one of the men had what appeared to be bulge in his clothes and tried to detain and pat him down.  While they were trying to do that, Demonte Johnson, 21, grabbed the arm of the officer and tried to prevent him from patting down the other man.

At this point, Dorian Johnson approached the officers who were trying to now detain Demonte for interfering and resisting them.  He stood very close to the officer and was yelling at him to try and prevent his brother Demonte from being arrested.  He was also observed tossing what was later described as cold medication mixed with an illegal narcotic on the ground.  All three men were arrested and it was reported that they are all brothers.  One of them was also found to have a warrant for armed robbery and armed criminal action in Bridgeton but they did not name which brother that was.

M Brown

Demonte was charged with resisting or interfering with an arrest and third degree assault on an officer and Dorian was charged with resisting or interfering with an arrest.  I am sure that his lawyer can try and spin this into an additional trauma for Johnson but it certainly sounds as though Dorian just has not learned yet how to straighten up and fly right.  Most people try to better themselves after a brush with the law........... evidently johnson has a different view on what better means.

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