Monday, May 4, 2015

There was no need.......

The Morrow's of kings Mountain NC had rescued Libby six years ago and tragically lost her on April 30 2015.  The blind beagle had gone outside where they reported she liked to just lay around but they became concerned when she hadn't come back in by the early evening.

The police were called to the Morrow home on the 100 block of South Gaston St at about 7:47 pm that evening.  A family friend had gone into the backyard to look for Libby and found what was left of her between the two trees that she had loved to sleep under.  Someone had jumped the back fence and broken into their shed.  They had stolen an axe, a sledgehammer, a shovel and a propane tank.

The thief had also killed Libby and decapitated her, which left a scene so gruesome that the Morrow's had to leave many details out when they told their children that she was dead.  The police were back out to the house during the daylight the next day to continue their investigation and search because Libby's head was missing.  The police did manage to find her collar but so far they have few clues to go on.

Dennis Morrow stated that they keeping a close eye on their remaining two dogs and feel especially sorry that Libby was killed in the manner she was.  He stated that she was so friendly that if someone were to touch her head, she would probably lie down and let whoever was there pet her.  He added that being blind would have meant that she would have had no idea what was going to happen to her.

The Kings Mountain police are asking for anyone who has information about the crime to contact them and an animal shelter has offered a $5,000 reward to the conviction of the criminal involved.

It seems obvious that Libby did not bark and give them away when they broke in so there is no real reason for killing a defenseless, handicapped dog and then taking her head.

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