Tuesday, May 5, 2015

To what end...?

"It's really unfortunate that it happened," stated John Wilson.

The police were called to the Moore Funeral Home Eastland Chapel on April 30 2015 at about 5 pm to handle a disturbance.  They arrived at the funeral home on the 1900 block of South Memorial Dr in Tulsa OK to find that the body of a woman that was waiting to be interred had been vandalized.  They reported that they found what looked like her hair on the floor and her makeup had been smeared.

On a closer examination, a vertical cut was found that ran from the woman's hairline to the tip of her nose.  Family members stated that they had caught Shaynna Lauren Sims, aka Shaynna Smith in the dead woman's apartment and they believed that she was the one who had slashed the dead woman.  Sims had told the relatives that she was there picking up jewelry to wear to the funeral but they had not given her permission to be there.

The police found Sims in possession of scissors, a box cutter, various makeup items and a folding knife with the deceased's hair still on it.  Family members stated that they had observed Sims near the casket with her hands inside of it before she left and the damage was found shortly afterwards.  Sims was arrested and is being held on a charge of illegal dissection as well as a previous charge of assault and battery, each of which has a $10,000 bond.

She could also face a more serious charge of desecration of a corpse.  Court records show that she had pleaded guilty on April 15th to an amended charge of assault and battery after being charged in February 2015 of child neglect.  She had received an 18 month deferred sentence for that plea.  Sims has not stated what motivated her to slash the dead woman but it has been reported that she was possibly dating the dead woman's ex boyfriend.

The funeral director, John Wilson stated that he has never seen anything like this in the past thirty years.  It certainly is taking things to an extreme and if she had some kind of difficulty with the deceased, it should have been put to rest with the woman's death.  Slashing her body in a casket would make no difference now and only hurt the living.





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