Saturday, May 9, 2015

Living in fear......

"I think there is more trouble to come," stated Teresa Rivera-Avelar.

Jesus Ismenia Marinero, 45, had been living in constant fear for the past few months and now, her fears have been realized.  Her troubles had begun as far back as January of this year when she reported that she had her home burglarized at least five times.  She added that at least one time, the person who had broken in had spray painted on the walls of the home.

After that, she had seen men following her in various trucks as she traveled through town.  They followed her every time she made a turn and where ever she went.  On April 22, her home on 1932 South 18th St in Omaha Nebraska caught fire and burned the basement and first floor.  The fire which did $45,000 worth of damage is being investigated as arson but there have been no suspects named yet.  Jesus and her family then moved in with her sister and were living near 48th Ave and O St.

The break ins continued even after she moved in with her sister and a next door neighbor confirmed that report.  He stated that the sister's home had been broken into several times and they had recently installed a new security system to try and prevent more break ins.

On May 5 2015, Jesus was out driving with her two children and was supposed to meet with Jose Ramirez, her partner for the past five years, at her sister's home that evening.  Ramirez states that he kept calling her cellphone all evening but her phone was turned off.  He added that he did receive a text at around 11 pm from her phone that stated that she had been at the hospital and was now heading home.  Ramirez then stated that he got no further responses to his texts or phone calls after that.  He looked for her all of that evening and by the next morning, he called the police to report her missing.

Ramirez went to Jesus's sister's home in the morning as well, looking for Jesus and his two children but she was not there and they reported that she had never come home.  It was late in the afternoon when a man noticed what he thought were noises from an animal coming from a nearby dumpster in La Vista.  When he went over to investigate he found that it was not an animal, it was one of the missing boys.  Eleven month old Angel was found sitting in the dumpster, bruised and wearing only a diaper and he was taken to a local hospital.

Jesus's sister recognized Angel's picture went it was posted on social media and notified Ramirez immediately.  Angel had been found at 5:44 pm and was identified by family by 8:41 pm but there had been no reports of the location of Jesus and five year old Josue, Ramirez's other son.  At 7:54 pm, Omaha police were called out to Fourth and Cedar Streets for a person down call.  They found a deceased woman and began investigating it as a murder.

They had not connected the dead woman yet to the missing Jesus.  At 6:51 am on May 7 2015, the police ask for the public's help in finding the missing Jesus and Josue as well as her 2000 Jeep Cherokee Larado which she had been seen driving before she went missing.  The police issued an Amber Alert for Josue, officially identify the boy in the dumpster as Angel and report that they believe that there is a connection between the woman's body found by a couple walking near a ditch near Lauritzen Gardens the previous evening and the missing Jesus.

By 4 pm that afternoon, the police had cancelled the Amber Alert for the missing Jeep but state that Josue is still missing.  They also report that the woman who had been found dead has been identified as Jesus.  The Jeep had been found near 21st and Arbor Streets and they had to cancel the alert because it could no longer be tied to a missing vehicle.  The police had been questioning Ramirez and other family members in an attempt to discover what had happened to Jesus and her sons.  Ramirez was held briefly for questioning and on immigration issues but he was released that evening after Jesus's older son, Roberto C Martinez-Marinero, 25, walked into the Douglas County Corrections office.

Roberto told staff there that he was involved in the death of his mother on May 5th and was turning himself in.  He told the police that he had been arguing with his mother about money before he stabbed her to death and dumped her body.  He stated that he had thrown his five year old brother Josue into the Elkhorn River after his mother had been killed.

The police began their search for Josue at 8 am with numerous teams working in the Elkhorn River.  Roberto was booked into the jail and charged with suspicion of first degree murder and use of a weapon to commit a felony.  The charges are only related to the death of his mother Jesus and they did not state that they were looking to arrest any other suspects.  Angel was returned to the custody of his father that evening after being in the custody of child services for two days.

Josue was not found on Friday and the police continued their search of the river on early May 9th with as many as seven boats and dive teams searching both the water and the banks of the river.  The police did announce though at about 9 am that they had made a second arrest in the developing case.  They had arrested Roberto's girlfriend, Gabriela Guevara, 24, and charged her with suspicion of being an accessory in the murder of Jesus.  A relative of Jesus's stated that Guevara had never liked jesus but they did not know why she felt that way.

The police had also searched and removed items from the rental home of Roberto's near 20th St and Poppleton Ave where he had been living with his girlfriend and two small children.  Neighbors had reported that they had often seen Roberto out in the fenced yard playing with his children in the past.  The police have stated that they are still not looking for additional suspects in the case but family members of Jesus have stated that they would not be surprised if there are others involved.

As much as it is hoped that Josue is found alive, the longer the search continues, the smaller those chances become.

Update May 12 2015:

The body of 5 year old Josue was found on May 11th along the riverbank about a mile south of the West center Rd bridge.  The police report that he and his younger brother probably witnessed the murder of their mother and were kidnapped by their half brother after her death.  Angel was dropped off in the dumpster and Josue was thrown from the bridge while he was alive.

The police state that Jesus and her son had been arguing about money for the past few weeks leading up to the murder.  She was over at her son's home that evening and he stated that she slapped or swatted at him sometime during their argument and he claims that he lost it then.  He beat her in the face and head with a baseball bat and then stabbed her multiple times.  His girlfriend Guevara was in the home when this happened and went with him to help dump her body.  She was also with him when he dumped both of the children but there is no report as to where their two children were at that time.

Guevara is facing up to 55 years for the five accessory charges she faces now and prosecutors have stated that they will seek the death penalty for Roberto.  He is being held without bond and Guevara has received a $1 million dollar bond.


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