Saturday, May 16, 2015

.......... Free stuff????

Police received a tip to review the video tape that was taken at a local 7-Eleven in Baltimore MD the day of the riots and they have now made two arrests based on what they saw.  Tamika Cobb and Kendra Richard were both caught on video walking out of the store on the corner of W Baltimore and Howard St on April 25th as the caller had stated.

Cobb could be seen walking out of the store with Tostito chips and Richard exited with her hands full of Slim Jims.  That may not seem as though it is a crime worth the police time and man power but it certainly is.  It seems that both women are Maryland State Correctional officers and both were assigned to work in facilities downtown at that time.  Cobb and Richard were given a tip that they would be visible on the video tape and police state that they identified both women by the clothing they had on that day.

Cobb and Richard had dedicated nine years to the job and had worked at the Baltimore Reception Diagnostic Classification Center and now have been suspended without pay.  They have both been charged with theft and burglary and released on $35,000 bond each.  There has been no one answering their phones or addresses for any comment.

I would hate to hear their excuses for choosing that time, as officers of the law, to steal from a neighborhood business.  What reasons could they have for breaking the law themselves and how did they think this supported the "protests" that had gone on that day.  It is definitely a dumb idea to lose your job over a few bags of chips and some beef jerky and I hope that they get the book thrown at them for being that dumb.

As for the chants of black lives mattering......... there have been 40 people shot..... none by police, in the city of Baltimore since April 28th.  Where are the protests and meetings now or does that mantra only matter if the police were involved?

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