Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Second arrest

On Sunday, June 24 2007, Myisha L Ferrell, 29, also of Canton Ohio was arrested on an obstruction of justice charge in relation to the death of Jessie Davis. Her arrest follows the arrest of her former classmate and friend, the now accused murderer Bobby Cutts.

The drama of this case has played out in the headlines and has led the nightly news for days now from the initial report of Davis being missing to the rapid arrests after her body was found this past weekend. Scared Monkeys and Hyscience both have more on the recent arrest. It is truly another sad case of lives facing ruin from the choices they have made.

I do not question that this case is in fact news but I do not think it so much more important a story than so many others out there daily. The Davis case has wound it's way through the news in much the way the Scott Peterson case did and the disappearance of Natalee Holloway in Aruba did. With Jessis Davis we have an unwed mother who had one child by a married man, who also had two other children by two other women already. She disappeared weeks before she was due to deliver a second child which is assumed to be his child as well. As important as each life is, I don't feel her story is more important than the soldiers who have lost their lives in the days she has been missing.

While I believe it is tragic that a mother and her child have lost their lives, I have to agree with an e mailer to Gateway Pundit:

"Things like this happen when you put yourself in this position. This is a young woman who made ALL the wrong choices. Think this angle will be covered? I doubt it. I think we send the WRONG message by not covering this event without getting into this area. I know it is sensitive and touchy but still it IS relevent."

It is relevent, just as it was touchy to discuss the choices that Natalee Hollaway made leading to her disappearance. Much was made of her meeting a tragic fate and very little was discussed related to her choices that evening. The choice to be out drinking underage late into the evening and her choice to allegedly get into a car with people she barely knew. Tragic as her disappearance is, she placed herself in that position and if the excuse of her age is to be used, then I have to question her parents and how they could put her in that situation.

Jessie Davis was an adult but in these times of internet access, she had every opportunity to do some investigating into her "boyfriend's" background.... the charges brought against him by one former girlfriend and mother of one of his other children, the reported problems he had while working as an officer. In the very least, I have to question the motives for having a second child with a man who is still married to another woman and how she could feel it was good for her children's future to be in the middle of what seems to me, to be a tangle of disjointed lives.

Update: For more on the tangle of Cutts's past go here.

and it doesn't surprise me today, that it has come to light that the reason Cutts had contact suspended with his oldest daughter by the court was a finding that he had been "emotionally and physically abusive" to his 9 year old daughter and her half brother, a child that is not his. For more, see here.

Update: posted July 3

Jessie Davis and her unborn child were buried together June 30 in a private ceremony.

Her mother, Patricia Porter, has said that her daughter Jessie realized in church a few weeks before her death, that she needed to reform her life. That life as a single mother and pregnant it is believed to the same married man again, Bobby Cutts Jr seemed to be entangled with people and things that were far from what is described as youth.

"Mom, I feel like God has really spoken to me today. I need to get my life in order," Porter said Davis told her.

Myisha Ferrell has been charged with obstruction of justice but could face additional charges now prosecutor Frank Forchione told a judge today. Investigators had said previously that she had lied to police but it has now been revealed that the prosecutor believes that she helped to hide Davis's body and lied to authorities several times. the revelation of this information was in an argument to keep Ferrell's bond set at $500,000 which is generally higher than most for just the charge of obstruction.

I can understand how some may choose to lie to protect a friend but how does one choose to help a friend hide a body?

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