Friday, November 14, 2014

Are you just happy to see me......?

A man walked into the Treasure Coast Lawn Equipment store in Port St Lucie FL on Oct 28 2014 and asked the clerk for change for a dollar.  He walked out with a lot money than a handful of change.

Anthony Ballard, 28, had managed to stuff a chainsaw into his shorts and hide the rest of it with his shirt before he left the store.  He had evidently needed a five finger discount on the Stihl chainsaw that was valued at about $600 and calmly hid it before going by the register.

Ballard left the store and made his getaway on a stolen bicycle.  The employees noticed that he had stolen the chainsaw and one of them tracked him down and spotted him as he ditched the saw in a vacant lot not too far away.  The saw was recovered but police could not find Ballard when they searched the area.

About thirty minutes later, the employees at the store called to report that they could see Ballard hunting for the chainsaw in the vacant lot.  The police arrived and were able to arrest Ballard this time.  He stated that he had stolen the chainsaw but had a change of heart so he had returned to recover it and return it to the store.

Ballard was charged with grand theft and burglary charges and his bail was set at $28,750.  No mention was made as to whether Ballard had planned on returning the chainsaw while it was stuffed in his pants.  I guess that is one reason to wear baggy shorts.

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