Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Baked potato as well?

"I put Jimmie where he belonged," stated Angela Stoldt.

On April 3 2013, Angela Stoldt, 42, gave her neighbor James Sheaffer, 36, a ride back from his limousine job to her house.  Sheaffer never made it back across the street to his home on Horseshoe Terrace, Deltona FL.

Stoldt had stated that her and Sheaffer did not live together but had some sort of financial arrangement in which she handled his Social Security disability check monthly.  The funds were placed in a joint account and she managed the money to some degree.  She drove Sheaffer to her home that night when he finished his shift at Blue Diamonds Limousines so that they could discuss the financial problems that had developed recently.

She stated that Sheaffer had asked her to ask her father to loan him about $4,000 and he had reportedly repeatedly overdrawn the joint checking account.  Stoldt shared drinks with him and at some point mixed Flexeril that she had stolen from her father in with Sheaffer's vodka and peach schnapps drink.  She added that she knew that it would make him drowsy and that the alcohol would probably increase it's effects on him.

After Stoldt had spiked his drink, they discussed his overdrafts of the account and she told him that her father was considering loaning him the money he had asked for.  She then loaded him in her car along with her two children and dropped the children off at her parent's home that morning.  She then drove the drunk and drugged Sheaffer to Osteen Cemetery, about 6 1/2 miles from her home.  She stated that he was confused when they stopped at the cemetery and asked again if her father really was going to loan him the money.  She asked him then how it felt to be lied to and that was when he began yelling at her, swinging his arms and threatening to kill her.

She told police that she felt very scared and then snapped.  She stated that she took an ice pick out of a box in the backseat of the car and stabbed him in the right eye.  He did not stop swinging at her so she said that she took a device she claimed to have made for climbing trees and used that.  The device was a rope with two plastic handles on each end that she looped around his neck and strangled him with.

Sheaffer reportedly kept grabbing at her legs while she was strangling him and she stated that she knew he was dead when he stopped moving.  Stoldt then stabbed him with the ice pick in the other eye and covered his head with a plastic bag to keep him from bleeding into the car.  She parked her car in the garage when she got home and pushed Sheaffer's body out of the car and into a plastic kiddie pool before going to bed.

The next day, Stoldt started cutting up Sheaffer's body with a hacksaw, placing his torso in one of the plastic pools and the other body parts into another kiddie pool.  Her plan was to cook and cremate all of the body parts so she put some in pots on the stove and a leg in the oven.  When that plan failed, she loaded the body parts into plastic bags and got her now 18 year old son to help her dispose of the bags.  She told her son that she had hit a deer and brought it home but it was rotten so she had to throw it away.

Over the next few days, she buried his cellphone and driver's license in different parks, tossed the pots and pans behind a fish house in New Smyrna Beach and tossed the rug from her car in a lake.  The trashbags with the body parts she dumped in dumpsters and some at the cemetery.  When her now 16 year old daughter questioned the smell in the house, she stated that a rat had gotten into the oven.  She eventually told her daughter what she had done to Sheaffer though.

Stoldt originally told the police that she had not seen Sheaffer for some time when they began investigating his disappearance.  He had never returned to work after driving a client to Tampa and it was three weeks later that Stoldt finally confessed to killing him.  Her sister called 911 on April 21 2013 when Stoldt showed up at her parents home, confessed the killing and appeared to be suicidal.

Stoldt was arrested and charged with second degree murder, tampering with evidence and abuse of a dead body.  She has been held without bond since the arrest.  In May 2013, she was found competent to stand trial and in Sept 2014, her lawyer filed a motion claiming self defense under Florida's "stand your ground" law.  That was rejected because the judge felt that she had used unreasonable actions for a person using self defense.  She has now been charged with first degree murder after a grand jury reviewed the evidence in her case which may mean that they felt that she had planned the murder more than originally thought.  The prosecutors have stated that they are not going to seek the death penalty.

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