Thursday, November 13, 2014

Enough with the whining..........

Steven Hayes has stated that he has suffered "almost two years of emotional injury from having to choose between following God and starving or choosing sin to survive."

It seems as though Steven Hayes would like to have a piece of the "limelight" that his criminal partner Joshua Komisarjevski has had lately.  The two have both been sentenced to death in Connecticut for the horrendous murder of the Petit family and attempted murder of Dr William Petit.  In Sept 2014, lawyers for Komisarjevski filed motions to hold an evidentiary hearing, reverse his sentence and order a new trial for him.  They state that  they want to prove their theory that the police response was inadequate and that would have impacted the guilt-innocence part of his trial.

That theory had been attempted to be explained during his trial but was not found to apply and frankly....... both hayes and Komisarjevski were caught within a block of the Petit home, in the Petit family car.  Hayes did express remorse and claimed to not know why it had happened but Komisarjevski had none of those feelings when he recounted to police what had happened during the entire length of time it took to complete their reign of terror on the Petit family.  He did blame Hayes for the escalation of the crime but experts believe it was Komisarjevski that was the catalyst for the extreme escalation and murders.

His lawyers have tried to paint a picture of a poor, abused child who did not really have that in him but Hayes had brought out the bad within him.  Hayes had been the quiet one during trial and since his conviction, has kept his name out of the headlines for the most part.  He has not tried to blame a rotten childhood for what may have caused this last crime.  He has been fairly active in prison though......... he has filed numerous complaints against the prison system.  He has complained in the past about the temperature of his cell, harassment from the staff and the quality of his mental health care, all of which have been unsuccessful.

He was placed on suicide watch in 2013 for going on a fast during Yom Kippur and he had tried to obtain oysters which he is highly allergic to in order to commit suicide.  Now it seems that hayes had been on a hunger strike since August 2014 because the Department of Corrections in CT has denied his request to have certified kosher food.  He weighed 170 pounds in 2007 and at this time, he weighs about 120 pounds since he stopped eating all non certified kosher food.

Hayes states that he converted to Judaism in the 1990's when he met a rabbi during one of his earlier incarcerations.  His lawsuit states that he has been requesting a kosher diet since May 2013 and he has been forced to suffer for the past two years because of the non kosher food.  He has been offered food that is known as common fare meals that meet all the nutritional requirements and accommodate recognized religious dietary restrictions.

This is not enough to please Hayes who has stated that the food is not kosher because it comes in contact with contamination when prepared.  It is prepared with the same pots and pans as non kosher food is and this is preventing him from his strict adherence to his religious needs.  Evidently, he claims to have been converted to Judaism in the 1990's but it wasn't until 2013 that he decided that he needed to have a certified kosher diet.  It should be interesting where this latest complaint goes for Hayes, since it seems that neither him or Komisarjevski are all that interested in their actual crime and what that has forced people to suffer.

I would feel a bit more interest in their "well being" if they were honestly trying to atone for their crimes, not whining about their treatment after something so horrendous.

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