Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Because you were angry....?

"Come back inside and we'll show mum something else in 10 minutes," stated Charles Mihayo.

On April 19 2014, Charles Mihayo, 36, texted his ex and asked to see his girls one last time and he had evidently meant it.  His daughters, Savannah, 4 and Indianna, 3, lived with his ex partner but he had visiting rights to them.  He then went shopping for them, purchasing shoes and brand new "princess" dresses.  Mihayo dressed the girls up and told them to go inside and show their mother who was inside of the main house.  He evidently lived out back of his ex's parent's home in Watsonia AUS, in a bungalo and reportedly told the girls to come back inside after they were done.  That was when he had reportedly told the girls that they could show their mother something else in ten minutes.

Mihayo then filmed the girls dancing in their new outfits to the song "Let It Go" from the movie "Frozen" before he took them into a bedroom and smothered both of them with a pillow.  He took the time to call the police then to tell them that he had killed his two daughters and then proceeded to bathe and redress them.  The police tried to gain access to the bungalo when they arrived and he replied through the door that he needed another minute please.  His ex had also tried to gain access through the locked door and he had reportedly told her that she would know what he had done when the police arrived.

He immediately confessed to the police as to what he had done and the police attempted to revive the girls.  They were unable to do so and Mihayo was arrested.  He formally pleaded guilty to the murder of his two young daughters on August 22 2014 and stated that he understood that what he did was wrong and that he was taking full responsibility for his actions but he did not offer any reason as to why it happened.  The only reason he has stated so far was that it was the right thing to do then.  The mother of the girls was not in court when he pleaded guilty but had sent a statement saying that they were very loved and would be forever missed.

It has been reported that about four days before the murders, Mihayo had been searching on the internet as to how to kill their mother.  It is speculated that he was pushed over the edge when he found out that she was in a new relationship.  He has stated that the relationship between his ex and him had become worse and he was having trouble seeing the girls lately.  His lawyer has stated that it was not something that had been premeditated and just happened on the spur of the moment but that seems a bit of a stretch.  He had to have known that it would end somehow when he went about buying them the new clothes and asking to see them this last time.

Mihayo appeared in court in regards to the pre-sentencing of him since he has pleaded guilty.  He has not taken the stand to explain his actions but his lawyer has added that Mihayo was upset about the custody battle that they were having.  It was reported that he chose to kill them after they had played hide and seek with him after he realized that his children may grow up not knowing him.

There were many other choices that Mihayo could have made that did not use his children to get revenge on his ex.  They were innocent of anything and yet they are dead and lives are ruined.

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