Monday, November 24, 2014

Did you get your acceptance letter from a cereal box?

I don't think that we actually have to "wonder" why the United States is not leading the world in education after watching a short video done on the campus of Texas Tech.  The questions asked of the random students were not very difficult at all and even if they only kept the most inept of the students for the video presentation, it is a very sad reminder that these students may some day be in charge of your care in old age.

In an age of social media, I find it hard to understand why some of the students would even want to be seen being that dumb........ even if they were trying to fake it for fun.  I honestly believe that the students that were saved for the video were actually telling the truth when they attempted to answer the few simple questions.  A grade school student should know the answers and a college student?  They should know the answers without hesitation.

Sadly, there was even a response to the release of the original video because it had to be explained that they had not been attacking the education available there.  It was done to show how little political events or news plays in the life of an average student.  Yes I do believe that most of them could have answered the questions correctly if they were on an exam.  I fail to understand how they could get them incorrect when questioned on the street.

Do today's young people realize how dumb they appear to young people world-wide and do they really care?

Hats off to the Bluebird of Bitterness for posting the first video

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