Friday, November 7, 2014

I'm having an old friend for dinner.......

"It's a real shock," stated Mrs Trace.

The police were called to the former Sirhowy Arms Hotel in Argoed, Blackwood UK at 1:23 am on Nov 6 2014 after security had found a man with a girl in his room.  Matthew Williams, 34, had brought a 22 year old woman up to his room and when he refused to respond, they broke into the room.  They found Williams "eating her to death" in the room and police were called immediately.

The police hit Williams with a high voltage taser which threw him to the ground and he was put under arrest.  He collapsed moments later, became unresponsive and was declared dead at the scene.  The young woman was also declared dead at the scene but has not been identified by the police yet.

The police stated that Williams was local to the area and the woman was from Blackwood.  They have reported that they believe that he had just met the woman and he had brought her back to his room for a drink.  Williams had just been released from prison after serving half of a five year sentence for another violent assault and reportedly was high on coke when the attack took place.  It has been reported that he had gouged out her eyes and had eaten them as well as half of her face.

The Sirhowy Arms had been a pub for years until it was converted into a B&B and bail hostel that catered to up to 26 guests.  In the past few years, it had been used by the local council to give temporary refuge to local people in need.  Neighbors and townspeople are shocked by the crime, stating that nothing has happened like this in over 30 years.  I am sure that many communities have never had a crime such as this nor could they imagine that it would happen in their town.

It has been reported that there had been some opposition to the half-way house being opened there and there had been minor incidents that have happened in the past.  Most of the reports though are of homeless people sleeping in the vicinity of the hostel or some sort of scuffle happening.  The police are continuing their investigation of the crime and will release more information when they have it available in the near future.  We may never know what caused Williams to "eat" his guest and may only be able to guess at his motives.

Update Nov 7 2014:

Williams allegedly has killed shopworker Cerys Yemm, 22, after spending the night out with her and then inviting her up to his room.  They had evidently met at a pub and spent the time chatting when he offered to get her a cab home.  It is still being investigated as to whether he drove her back to his room in his car.

Yemm has been described as fun-loving and had worked in clothing sales at the store "Next." prior to her death.  She was well liked and is said to have had her own difficulties with a past boyfriend and violence that ended with him jailed as well.  Williams previous victim, Emma Thomas, 38, lives next door to William's parents and has stated that he was well known for violence in his hometown of Blackwood.  She added that she has had nothing to do with him since he release from jail for attacking her.

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