Monday, March 2, 2015

Broken windows policing is far from petty.......

"Proactively addressing subway violations-and fare evasion-continues to be an important method of preventing serious crime within our transit system," stated NYPD Transit Bureau Chief Joseph Fox.

On Oct 10 2014, two young officers, Officer Kevin Volk and Officer Mark Bligh were working in the NYC subway system when they observed Martin McGriff, 51, walk between the subway cars.  It may not seem like such a big deal to most people but things like lighting up a cigarette, jumping the turnstile or walking between the cars are minor offenses that are not taken lightly.  The two officers who had less than 4 years in service between the two of them stopped McGriff and would probably just given him a summons as usual.

Before the officers issued the summons, they called in for a warrant check on McGriff and ended up placing him in custody.  McGriff was wanted in Atlanta for shooting Anthony Holland, 42, on Jan 8 2014 after an earlier argument on English Ave in Atlanta GA.  They did not know it at the time but McGriff had previously spent ten years in the Auburn Correctional Facility in upstate NY for a 1994 armed robbery conviction.  McGriff had been arrested ten times in New York for crimes such as armed robbery, selling drugs, theft, possession of a loaded gun and other crimes.

On Feb 13 2015, McGriff was returned to Georgia to face the murder charge because two young cops decided to take their job seriously instead of look the other way when McGriff broke what seems like a minor law.  No one seemed to be interested in talking to an Atlanta reporter about Holland after the shooting but someone in the police department in Atlanta was interested enough to identify McGriff as the shooter.  Now he is on his way to facing justice for what he may have done there..... all because two cops did their job.

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