Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I want the shotgun seat!

"A big personality, a huge heart," stated Amy Shelly.

Janice Pedroza, 36, was driving her daughter Trinity Bachmann, 13, and a group of her friends home from the Central Florida Fair in Orlando FL on Feb 28 2015.  She had dropped off one of the friends when her daughter started to argue over the seating arrangements.  Trinity then announced that she was going to walk the remaining 3 miles home and stepped out of the car.  Michael Bryon, 25, a pizza driver states that he saw her in her dark clothing standing near the middle of North Christiana Rd near Oak St using her phone.  He added that he did not really see her until he was almost passed her because it was dark and rainy.  He thought that they may have a broken down car and figured he would stop if they were still there when he finished his delivery.

Her mother had pulled the car over to the side of the road and was pleading with Trinity to get back in the car.  Trinity refused to do so and sat down in the road and by the time Michael had returned there was nothing much he could do.  Trinity and her mother had been hit by another car that was traveling down North Christiana Rd.  Trinity was killed and her mother was injured but not critically.  The driver of the other car, a 20 year old woman was not immediately ticketed but police did have a blood sample draw from the driver.  They state that she appeared glassy eyed and there was an open alcoholic drink in the center console.

Trinity and her friends had been at the fair because the were members of the Future Farmers of America.  Trinity had been showing her pig Robin and had raised and shown prize winning rabbits previously.  The fair is an important annual event for FFA and 4-H members to showcase their projects.

Tragically, her friends witnessed Janice trying to pull Trinity from the middle of the road and both of them being hit by the car.  Trinity has been described as a middle school girl who loved music, cheerleading and animals.  She would brighten anyone's day and will be sorely missed by students, coaches and parents alike.

Grief counselors have been made available for the students at school and a go fund me site has been opened for Trinity.  No funeral plans have been made public yet.





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