Sunday, March 22, 2015

I never get the flight with live entertainment........

"We confirm that the police were requested to meet our flight from Kingston," stated British Airways.

The flight from Kingston Jamaica landed at Gatwick Airport, UK at about 8:45 am on March 19 2015 and it was met by the police as requested.  It seems that a 46 year old woman from southwest London had taken it upon herself to drunkenly entertain the flight home from vacation.

At some point during the flight, she stripped naked and performed a solo sex act upon herself.  It was not stated as to whether she made any after holiday cash for the "entertainment" but she did manage to get herself arrested at the airport and given a warning for being drunk on the plane.  For an approximately 8 hour flight that landed at 8 am, she seems to have started very early in the morning to "get her groove on."

I just never seem to get onto one of those flights though.  I always seems to be stuck sitting only a few seats away from a screaming baby.  Maybe it is time I change airlines?

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