Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Text this.........!

Sheena Keynna Miller, 27, stated that she did not hear the train while it was blowing it's horn in Lakeland FL on March 9 2015.  She was evidently so busy texting that she walked past the gates that were down and headed into the path of an oncoming train.  The train noticed her and blew it's horn to alert her but she told police she did not even hear that.

She did feel the train when it clipped her and tossed her back into the grass.  A man who heard her screaming after he witnessed her stroll into the trains path called 911 to report the accident for her.  Miller suffered a compound fracture of her arm and her leg was injured as well.

The train did stop after hitting Miller and two Amtrak trains were delayed while police investigated the accident.  There was no explanation as to how Miller could not have heard the train or why she was so engrossed in her texting that she failed to acknowledge an oncoming freight train.  I find it difficult to not feel a train going by while I am sitting in my car at a crossing so whatever texting she was doing must have been really good.

Maybe now you might learn how to put the phone down and pay attention for a few hours during the day?

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