Saturday, March 14, 2015

Soon she will be all alone....

Pamela Smart began an affair with then 15 year old Billy Flynn and on May 1 1990 he pulled the trigger, killing her husband Greg.  Smart met Flynn at "Project Self-Esteem" at Winnacunnet High School in Hampton NH where they both volunteered.  Pam had also worked a Media Director at the high school at the time.

She seduced Billy and had an affair with him but she claims that she had told Billy it was over and she wanted to work on her patching up her marriage to Greg.  What was believed in court was that Pam threatened to stop having sex with Billy if he did not kill Greg for her.  On May 1 1990, that was exactly what he did along with three of his friends.  His friend Patrick Randall and Raymond Fowler were in the house with Billy and Vance Lattime Jr waited outside to drive the get away car for the four boys.

Vance Lattime Jr

Patrick Randall

Raymond Fowler

R Fowler

The scheme unraveled quickly and on Aug 1 1990, Pam was arrested for her part in killing her husband Greg.  The boys all testified against her in court in exchange for reduced sentences and Pam received life without parole for master minding her husband's death.  William Flynn and Patrick Randall have been serving their sentences in Maine.  Raymond Fowler was paroled in 2003, violated parole and was paroled again in 2005.  Vance Lattime Jr had his 30 year sentence reduced by 12 years and again reduced by another 3 years in 2005 when he was paroled.  Patrick Randall, who held Greg on his knees for Billy to shoot is making his first appearance for parole in April.

William, 41, was just granted parole on his first appearance before the board but not from pity.  Flynn has been a model prisoner, has gotten married, earned a college degree, demonstrated he can work in society while in a work release program and has become a journeyman electrician.  Flynn stated at the hearing that he will continue to live in Maine and never return to New Hampshire and he will avoid all contact with the media as the court has requested.  It is difficult to insist that keeping Flynn in jail for any more time with the hope of "rehabilitating" him anymore than he has already done.  He was not sentenced to life and it seems that now is the time to give him the chance to return to society and live the rest of his life as a model citizen.

Pam on the other hand has insisted that it isn't fair that she got life without parole since she did not pull the trigger.  She was the adult though and the one who had taken a 15 year old as her lover so she certainly held the most control in that relationship.  She was the one who as a teacher, started the relationship, kept it going , sent sexy pictures to Billy and the one who needed her husband out of the way.  Pam has done interviews trying to sway the public mind as to how innocent she is but seriously...... if Billy had gotten mad about the relationship ending, why would he want to drag 3 other friends in on a revenge killing.  He easily could have done it himself.

Pam will shortly be the only one sitting in jail for the murder of her husband Greg............ something the mastermind of the plot should be doing.

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