Monday, March 16, 2015

What the.........?

"The car came literally out of nowhere," stated Anthony Collman.

Anthony Collman and Logan Bennett were filming an oncoming Union Pacific train in Louisville KY on March 14 2015 when they captured something they had never planned on viewing.  Both men were filming when a white car shot across the tracks and was hit by the train that was traveling about 40 mph.  The signal was working with lights and a bell and the train was blowing it's horn as it approached the crossing.  The crossing did not have a gate to warn motorists and both men who are train enthusiasts report that they did not see the car attempt to brake before driving over the tracks.

The train slammed into the passenger side of the tracks and both young men who were seated on that side were found dead at the scene.  Chita Chuwan, 16 and Suk Man Rai, 19 were dead at the scene while Kismat Mishra and Nabin Thapa were taken to the University of Louisville Hospital.  Both men are listed in critical condition and were seated on the driver's side of the car.

Chuwan and Rai

Suk Man Rai
Chita Chuwan

Mishra is said to have injuries to his brain and spine and is in a coma.  He evidently can move the right side of his body but not by command and doctors will wait until the fluid on his brain leaves before they can get a better evaluation of the long term injuries.  Thapa is listed as having various injuries to his brain, neck and stomach and will probably have move surgery.  All of the young men are reported to be Bhutanese refugees, students in the Jefferson County School District and members of a community soccer team.  They all attended different high schools within the school district.



The investigation into the crash is still very young and there has been information as to what may have caused the driver to cross the tracks in front of the moving train.  I am sure that investigators are hoping that both young men survive their injuries and will be able to shed light on what happened in those final seconds before the train hit them.  Unfortunately, the conductor of that train will have to live the fact that he was involved in this crash through no fault of his own.

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