Wednesday, October 24, 2007

But it worked on television.....

It must have seemed like a very good plan October 22 2007 in Silver Springs Shores FL. That is, until it hit an unplanned glitch.

Jeffrey Mumani, 25, had planned to rob the CVS store there by lowering himself down a ventilation shaft. He climbed up on the roof of the store, removed the air conditioning cover and then tied a rope there to lower himself into the shaft. Evidently, Mumani should have spent the extra cash on a good climbing rope because it snapped and he fell about 10 feet into the shaft.

"He was begging the manager to help him out," stated Marion County Sheriff's Captain James Pogue.

The store emplyees had called the Marion County Fire Rescue at 8:11 am, after Mumani began shouting for help, some ten hours after he had become stuck there. Lt Lonny Blackburn stated that they had to position firefighters at the top and bottom of the shaft to stabilize his position. He added that there was no easy access and mumani was trapped about 10 feet below the roofline with his hands pinned and his feet through the bottom of the shaft.

Mumani was freed after approximately an hour and a half and was transported to Munroe Regional Medical Care Center. He suffered from minor cuts and was in stable condition and for the moment, has charges pending. I would think that Mumani now knows that some plans work great on television but not real well in life.


mary said...

You know what is really sad is that the press publishes all this nonsense about Jeffrey and what they fail to say is how the Florida system has failed to help him. He suffers from mental illness that he was unable to receive health care for. He is also bipolar. Another thing you heartless people need to realise is that you are hurting his family. He has family that has to read this B.S. and deal with it. They did no wrong and do not deserve this. You are punishing them by the constant ridiculing. Do you know who should really gat the knucklehead of the day award? This country's healthcare providers. Had there been people willing to help without looking for money he might have gotten the proper care and this situation could have been prevented. So when you are around the dinner table tonight with your family, say a prayer that your child will never be ill. God Bless you all and I will Pray for this country.

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