Sunday, October 21, 2007

Since when?

It would seem that the city of Eau Claire WI has to be working on some new signs for a park now, due to a new city ordinance. That is because, almost overnight, there now is no archery allowed at Archery Park.

"Several archers that I've talked to are kind of in disbelief," stated Tom Draper.

That disbelief stems from the new signs outside Archer Park, whis had ben set aside by the city years ago to practice archery in. Despite the earthen berms and practice stands set up within the park, it is now offlimits to use a bow and arrow there.

In September 2007, the city decided that those berms along with the wooded hillsides that are there to keep arrows in the park were not enoughprotection. A neighbor nearby had complained to the city after they found a stray arrow in their backyard. The city then decided to ban archery in the park after this last of several complaints made in the past fifteen years.

Some of the archers who have used the park for years, to practice in, would like to see the city appoint a committee of city representitives, archers and neighbors to review the situation and new ordinence.

Since this sounds like a park that had been set aside specifically for one purpose, it would seem that this was the first thing the city should have done to deal with the complaints. Unless of course, they just enjoy renaming their city parks overnight.

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