Monday, October 29, 2007

If pigs could fly, they'd be nervous

"He'd better take a shooting lesson. I'll be keeping my dog inside while he's here," stated Viva Ttanata.

It seems that if you don't own body armor, could possibly be mistaken as a moving target or have a bombshelter, the residents of Lagrangeville NY are either planning to hunker down inside or leave town this week. The reason being is that VP Dick Cheney has a date to stalk the 4,000 acres of the ritzy Clove Valley Rod & Gun Club near there.

The last time that Cheney was in the area was in November 2001 but residents near the $150,000 a year membership club remember what happened in February 2006. That was when Cheney spun around and shot one of his friends and hunting partners, Harry Whittington, 78, while in Corpus Christi TX. It wasn't Cheney's dog though that retrieved Whittington after he was hit in the face and chest with shot from Cheney's gun.

The local officials didn't charge Cheney with winging his pal, stating that they felt the incident that wasn't reported until some fourteen hours after it happened, wasn't alcohol related and was merely a hunting accident. Whittington, certainly a good ole boy and pal, publically apologized for "pretending" to be a quail and getting in the way of Cheney's gunfire. Evidently, there wasn't a public statement from Cheney's dog as to why he hadn't retrieved the downed buddy.

The Clove Valley Rod & Gun Club, near Poughkeepsie, is described as not only ritzy but exculsive. Besides the large membership fee it is reported that there is an extra charge for each downed bird, with nothing listing a flat price for anything downed or just birds. They also are said to be a haven for the good ole boys with the women having their own annex of the clubhouse across the road from the actual one. This certainly should have Cheney feeling like he is at home, though good ole boys seem to also be his latest targets as well.

Residents meanwhile have much the same idea as Ttanata, 63, a farmer whose land adjoins the hunting club's land and Fred Boehmer, 57, a builder who's land adjoins as well ....... they can joke about it but many are scared by the prospect of possibly being in the sights of Cheney's gun and staying inside or heading out of town. Even travel within the town will be disrupted with Cheney and his secret service force in tow, a force I would hope now travels with full body armor when Cheney has a gun in his hands.

Only time and news reports will tell if this years hunting trip will let Cheney bag a legal bird or some hapless hiker or flying pig in the area.

Update: posted October 30

Cheney's visit to the gun club on Monday seems to have ended without any humans winged by the VP but the new controversy seems to involve the conferderate flag that had been photographed by a Daily News photographer there. It has been reported that it was hanging in view of passersby inside a garage on the hunt club property.

The flag, about the size of a pillowcase, is seen covering the top of the window on a door at the back of the garage. The New York Post has reported that the garage is attached to the club headquarters and the Howard Simmons, the photographer has stated that the garage door had been open when he took his pictures.

The local residents and flying pigs are unhurt after Cheney's eight hour visit but there have been no reports on how the ducks and pheasants fared

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