Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My math is a bit rusty

On August 11 2007, it seems that serious damage was done in Cipriani 42nd St in New York City NY. A 19-page complaint has now been filed in an attempt to rectify that damage.

It seems that newlyweds David and Elana Glatt are now sueing Posey Floral Design on E 72nd St for ruining their wedding day. In papers filed in Manhatten Superior Court, they detail accusations of a "bait and switch" by the shop as well as wilting boutonniere, dust filled vases, cheap-looking roses used in the bathroom arrangements and the 22 centerpieces at $465 each, didn't specifically match the color scheme in the ballroom.

"She's a lawyer. They're just out for gain," stated Stamos Arakas, shop owner and florist.
Arakas, who's work has been featured in Vogue, Gotham and New York magazines, stated that the couple along with David Glatt's mother Tobi, came to him after he had handled the wedding of Elana Glatt's sister. They claim that they spent $30,000 and twelve months planning the flowers for the wedding and what they got wasn't even close to what they had wanted. Arakas responded that the couple is just looking for the green that is found in wallets and not centerpieces.

A Web site showcasing their love shows the Glatts enjoying themselves at a wedding shower, Cabo San Lucas and Aruba and they did not return emails or phonecalls. It would seem that it is over more than the shade of a flower since they are sueing for $400,000, quite a jump from the money spent on the flowers but I am guessing, would cover all of their wedding costs. If for some reason they should win........... I bet we can view more "happy" photos of the couple on vacations.

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