Monday, October 22, 2007

Well that sux

The city leaders have finally decided to scrape any plans of continuing the fight. The officials in Sioux City Iowa have been trying to have the designation changed since 1988 to no avail.

"Lets make the best of it. I think we have an opportunity to turn it into a positive," stated Dave Berstein, airport board member.

The decades old battle centers around Sioux Gateway Airports identifier - SUX. At one point, the FAA offered the city five alternatives: GAY, SGV, GWU, GYO and GYT but the airport trustees turned them all down.

They have finally decided to set aside the battle and stick with SUX, making it the center of the airport's new marketing campaign. The code, which is used by airports and pilots worldwide, will be printed on tickets, luggage tags, caps and T-shirts using the new slogan.... FLY SUX. The slogan is also the basis for the airport's new Web site,

Dave Berstein stated that they should embrace the designator that is so easy to remember and added that many of the major airports have very forgettable three-letter codes. Mayor Craig Berenstein had stated in 2002 that the designator was an embaressment to the city, now calls the new slogan a cute way to make light of the situation.

While I have to agree that SUX well, sucks for a slogan.... I don't understand why several of the other choices offered before by the FAA had been turned down. I think it would be a bit better to have a very forgettable identifier than one that frankly, sux.

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