Thursday, October 11, 2007

Work on your aim

When anyone is faced with a visit by the cops and you are holding drugs, a simple rule of thumb is....... toss it and go back later for it if you can. Evidently, there are still enough people who have not figured out how to correctly seperate the drugs from themselves.

On Wednesday, September 19 2007, Irene Santana, 48, of New Britain CT, was approached by the police. She was carrying approximately $240 of heroin and did remember the part of tossing the drugs... she just didn't take careful aim as to where she got rid of it. Officials state that she made the mistake of tossing them onto the New Britain Police Department's parking lot, which I am assuming, would be a tough call to claim they weren't hers. She is now charged with possession and intent to sell.

Media reports state that on Friday morning, September 21 2007, an unidentified Hartford man was visited by the police. The FBI agents and police were acting on a federal warrent when they went to search his home. This man as well, should probably work on his "ditching" techniques because he threw a quart jar full of PCP out the third floor window.

The CT Department of Environmental Protection and the city fire department were then called in to clean up the spill. While it nice that this man was neat enough to store his drugs in such a handy container, he evidently never paid attention to all the movies in the past where the drugs flushed nicely down the toilet. I find it difficult to understand how tossing a jar out the window with other officers on the ground, was a very bright move.

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