Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It's not legal in hockey

"You bite as hard as you can, and it won't move," stated Sauter.

The chain reaction spooked others down the line but Doug Sauter knew exactly what to do. Sauter, jumped into the fray Saturday, September 22 2007 and may have saved the day at the Oklahoma State fair OK.

Sauter, head coach of the Oklahoma City's Blazers hockey team was working with another team that night, The Express Clydesdales, which was competing at the fair in a class with seven other, eight-horse teams. It was then that he and others saw a horse in a six-horse team break it's reins and in the ensueing fray, one horse trampled an unidentified 62 year-old woman.

He said that he was just one of many who jumped in to help the woman, cowboys from the street, other team members and even police. Sauter though knew how to keep a spooked horse from running he claimed...... he grabbed ahold of an ear and chomped down as hard as he could. He has worked and traveled with The Express Clydesdales since 1998 and while the chomping works well, it isn't allowed in competion.

Sauter also praised the driver of the team because he had managed to turn the horses in a circle. That probably prevented them from becoming a runaway team, which could have led to all kinds of mayham and injuries in the ring.

I'm not quite sure how you pick the horse to chomp but I am very sure that Sauter doesn't allow his team to use that move on the opposing teams.

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