Thursday, October 18, 2007

You're right......

Cynthia Hunter, 38, was arrested in Agust 2007, accused of theft in a Brandon FL Wal-Mart and ended up being jailed for almost two months.

It seems that the police found a small vial in her purse that a police field test suggested was meth. Hunter explained that it wasn't drugs but was instead, dehydrated cat urine for her son's science project. She added that it had been purchased at an animal clinic.

Police arrested her on the theft charge as well as possession of a controlled substance. She was released from jail in October 2007 after the results from the lab tests found that the "controlled" substance was, in fact, cat urine. Hunter pleaded guilty to petty theft and the judge sentenced her to time served.

Now I am not sure of any state where cat urine is a controlled substance and I certainly don't know why they did not investigate far enough as to possibly call the clinic she claimed to have bought it at. I do question what the purpose of keeping a mother in jail for that length of time and away from her son over a possibility it may be drugs.

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