Thursday, October 25, 2007

Things are swingin'

"Give me the money. Give me the money," he barked.

What a masked robber got instead of the money sent him running for his life from the Brookhaven NY convenience store October 20 2007. When the clerk stared into the barrel of the gun that he pointed at her, she reached under the counter and came up swinging.

Hafize Sahim, 27, the petite 5-foot-4 clerk at the South Haven Convenience Store on Montauk Highway said that she thought the gun pointed at her was a fake. She reached under the counter for a 3 foot axe that was kept there and came up swinging it at the would be robber.

She had managed to stall the gunman dressed in a black hooded sweatshirt and wearing a mask by pretending to have trouble opening the drawer on the cash register. The surveillance video just released by the Suffolk police shows the rest of the robbery story. Sahim is seen swinging the axe at the gunman's head in the 8 pm robbery attempt and he is seen fleeing out the door.

Police haven't made an arrest yet but I would think that any other robber in the future will think twice about pointing a fake gun at the clerks at that store in particular.

For the video, go here.

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