Saturday, February 16, 2008

Axe me how......

"I had to bang the glass four times with the ax before the it broke," stated Geraldine Palmer.

Geraldine "Gerry" Palmer, 90, of Durango CO, accidently got herself locked outside her own home recently. She had gone outside to rearrange some things that had gotten wet on her patio and the sliding glass door locked behind her. It would seem that the easy thing to do would be walk to the front of the house or a neighbor, but the snow had formed a 7 foot high pile and blocked her from getting to her yard.

Using what must be "old fashioned" common sense, instead of panicking, Palmer did what she could. She picked up an old axe she had once used to chop wood and broke into her own home. Palmer didn't give up after the first swing either..... as she stated, she had to hit the door four times before she broke the glass and could reach in to unlock the door.

In these days of what seems to be the attitude of calling for help with a cellphone, Gerry Palmer quietly saved herself with determination and using her brains.

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