Thursday, February 21, 2008

It wasn't worth the money

In June of 2007, Charles Chambers, 33, was arrested on drug charges and had $2,000 seized from him by the police. He recently decided to return to the Anderson County Sheriff's Office in Anderson SC to see if they would return the money to him.

Chambers evidently felt that demanding the return of his money would work but the deputies felt differently then. They told him to leave the office on Tuesday and while he left, an officer noticed that the car he got into, matched the description of a stolen car. That car had been stolen only three hours earlier and when another officer pulled him over and stop the car, he noticed that Chambers had to use a screwdriver to shut off the engine.

It seems that the ignition key switch had been removed and Chambers was using the "universal" key to drive it. To add to his predicament of driving a stolen car......He was charged with driving under suspension, a tag violation and possession of a stolen vehicle.

It would seem that Chambers will need more than his seized $2,000 now to help pay for his stupidity.

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