Thursday, February 28, 2008

Which way to Vegas?

Some of the residents of The Legends community in Middletown NJ may very well be asking that question now. The Middletown police arrested three people after a stakeout and raid recently at a home on Little Circle.

The police surveillance operation began there after they had received several complaints about various parking violations in the area of the home. What they discovered was that the parking situation was the tip of the iceberg. The home was hosting illegal poker games and sports betting.

This evidently wasn't the ordinary beer and chips friendly weekly game either. Police state that on occasion, there were barmaids serving booze and topless dealers at these games. They added that they seized gaming tables, computers, a list of players and a credit card machine.

William "Shane" Anderson, his wife Laurie and Matthew Balotin were all charged with advanced gambling, conspiracy and endangering the welfare of a child. It seems though that their "patrons" will have to manage to get there thrills in another town and hope that they can get that friendly, down-home service from topless dealers elsewhere.

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