Thursday, February 14, 2008

Fun on four wheels

It seems that the fun that can be found while driving hasn't lessened any among drivers. Winter brings a whole new opportunity to explore what can be done with a vehicle.

On Monday, Feb 4 2008, drivers in Manchester took to off-road fun in the late hours. They began by driving through a four-foot embankment of snow and proceeeded out onto the public ice rink. It had to look pretty cool and feel awesome to be out there with a vehicle sliding around and doing donuts for everyone else to watch.

Unfortunately, the still unknown participants did so much damage to the very popular ice rink, that it has had to be closed for the season. Officials are hoping to have the financing in place to be able to repair it and have it ready for the public to enjoy ice skating on in 2009.

Lindsey Ann Robbins, 24, of Bristol found another way to enjoy a motor vehicle on Feb 7. She evidently really needed to take a late night drive and didn't want to let a small problem with what could be considered a non-essential piece of equipment stop her. It may also have been a touch of alcohol that led her to not notice the she was dragging a very noisey and sparking bumper behind her car.

East Hartford police managed to track her down and pull her over, possibly by following the brightly lit trail she was leaving down the roads. Robbins also failed the field sobriety test and was arrested.

It does seem that American's love of cars still is going strong, whether it be on the roads legally, or creatively.

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