Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A parent's example.....

"I'm not totally happy with the outcome. It was a bit of a slap on the wrist," stated Stephen Wines.

Anthony and Donna Alvino paid their $4,600 in fines and court costs Monday after they pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor charges. They were spared jail time under an agreement with the Cattaraugus County District Attorney's Office and the felony charges against them were dropped.

The Alvino's son was sentenced to 36 months in jail in January for striking Wines daughter, 19 in Storrs CT and then driving off. She died two days later. The Alvinos admitted that three days after the Jan 2007 accident, they drove from their Lindenhurst home to St Bonaventure University to retrieve the SUV driven by their son. They each pleaded guilty to hindering prosecution and attempting to tamper with evidence.

The "bit of a wrist slap" includes the fact that they didn't have to admit to allegations that they encouraged their son and his passengers to cover up the accident or that they had considered having the SUV repaired to cover up the damage to it. Raymond Perini, the Alvinos attorney, stated that the punishment was appropriate. He added that there were two days of indecision but that they sat down, got counsel and then did everything right.

I find that difficult to believe, since it was weeks after the accident when they finally made the state police in Connecticut aware that they had possession of the vehicle involved and still later before they turned over their son. It was more than an allegation that they encouraged their son and his friends to be quiet..... four young people shut their mouths for weeks as to what had happened that night.

This was not a pair of parents who agonized for a couple of days as to how best to helptheir son, these are two parents who went to great length to try and help their son to evade responsibility and dragged his witnessing friends into that plan. The Wines family has lost a child forever and their son received a fairly light sentence... now his parents skip going to jail and collect $200 it seems. The only one left with charges pending is their son's former girlfriend, Michelle Hall. Sadly, in light of the sentences given out already, I think she also will get not too severe a slap on the wrist as well.

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