Friday, February 1, 2008

Just not right.....

In Hamilton NJ, a civilian State Police employee has been accused of having a bad habit. That habit has led to his arrest on Wednesday of this week.

Wednesday morning, a custodian at the Grace St Paul Episcopal Church discovered one of the members doing a bit of after hours and misdirected worshiping. Evidently, Thomas G Findler had been sneaking into the church at night for the previous three weeks. The custodian chased him out of the church, stright into a nearby police officer.

Findler, who works in a local office for the state police was evidently sneaking into the church to view pornography on a nun's computer there. He has now been charged with theft and burglary after his late night "worship hours" have been discovered.

I can almost understand the need to view porn but come on......... on a nun's computer. It just seems so very wrong there.

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