Monday, February 11, 2008

Lawn ranger: the finale

"She ends up with a sentence that is very minimal and shouldn't intrude terribly on her day-to-day life. For the most part, it accomplishes what we set out to accomplish from the very beginning," stated prosecutor Andrew Peterson.

This past Friday, Betty Perry, 70, of Orem Utah, pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and agreed to pay a $100 fine in order to resolve her pending case. She was set to trial on Monday on a more serious charge of resisting arrest but now faces sentencing that could be up to six months probation.

This all stemmed from her neglecting to water her yard last year. Prosecutor Peterson stated that they had been planning to drop the lawn neglect charge because she had begun to water her lawn as the town of Orem had demanded under their ordinances. He added that it was very important for the city to get a conviction for Perry's "dangerous and violent" actions when officer Jim Flygare had gone to arrest her last year.

She had refused to give her name to Flygare, accept the citation or allow herself to be handcuffed on her front steps. During the struggle to arrest her, Perry injured her nose, had rolled onto her stomach and put her hands under herself to avoid being handcuffed.

I still wonder.......... if this is the length that Orem Utah will go to arrest such a violent criminal, what exactly will they do if they are confronted with a criminal most anyone else would consider dangerous... such as an armed robbery suspect. Would they lockdown the town roads and call in the National Guard?

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