Wednesday, February 27, 2008

O J should be proud......

On Tuesday, Stephen Ray Castor, 53, made his first appearance in Vancouver WA and he is set to appear again, this Friday. The question looming before the court though, is what constitutes a motor vehicle?

"I thought, 'This did not just happen!' " stated Jason Taylor.

Casotr of 818 W 24th St, began the day's events by allegedly cursing out Jason Taylor and the proceeded to drive through his fence and smashed a window of his house with a lawn chair. He then rode across West Fourth Plain Boulevard and then kept going south on Harney St.

This led to the kind of police chase that would make O J Simpson look like a speed demon. At 5 pm that evening, Castor led the police on a 3 mph chase while he tried to escape on his riding lawnmower. On Harney St, Officer Hibbard stopped his police car, jumped out and ordered Castor to stop. Castor though contined on towards the officer who managed to sdiestep the mower at the last moment and several other officers managed to grab Castor and pull him off the mower.

Castor is now being held on a $40,000 bail and may be charged with third degree assault and criminal mischief. They are also investigating if he will be charged with DUI, though this depends on whether Washington state law, RCW 46, would cover operating a lawnmower while under the influence... as driving drunk.

That certainly would be something of a "rep" to brag about in jail... dragged from his mower by several officers while "driving drunk." For his first court appearance, Castor again was at the wheel. This time though, he was in a wheelchair.

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